Watch the True Blood Season 6 Preview Teaser + Behind the Scenes Clips!

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Sookie Stackhouse's adventures may be coming to an end in Charlaine Harris' novel series, but there's still blood pumping through the veins of the HBO television series.

If you’re caught up on the series, things have taken a darker turn than usual, with Bill proclaiming himself god of the vampire nation, willing to slaughter anyone who gets in his way, even Sookie. With their leadership torn to pieces (literally) and the True Blood supply at its lowest point due to some well-timed explosions at the factories, vampires are driven to feed on the living. And the humans are left with no choice but to fight back. War between the living and the undead is about to overtake the world and the key to stopping it (or making it worse) is in Bon Temps. But for now, all Sookie and her friends can do is listen to the very last thing we heard Eric exclaim in the season 5 finale: “RUN!”

Of course, that doesn’t mean they also won’t have time to get naked and have crazy weird sex whenever they can squeeze it in between apocalyptic blood-bathed battles to the death.

If you’re not sure how that’s even possible, I’ll let the season 6 trailer give you a peek at what’s to come this summer on True Blood, returning to HBO Sunday, June 16th at 9pm/8c.

While you’re here, you might as well check out this bonus teaser and a selection of intense behind-the-scenes clips featuring a few of the show’s hunkier characters. Waiting sucks!


Image: HBO

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