Watch This Fascinating Melt Down Video as Lava Attacks

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Mankind has always been amazed by the natural world, both in its beauty as well as its destructive nature.

To show us the extremes that nature’s elements could bring upon us if the planet ever came under an ecological attack, we have the movies. They have for many years showcased what would happen if the world turned against us. Volcanoes, earthquakes and tidal waves attack us from every angle. It never goes in our favor.

Lucky for most of us that these events are confined to movies and not reality. But if you did want to see the effect volcano eruptions would have in real life, but on a small scale, then how would you go about that? Well you could watch these videos from YouTuber Bryan Lowry on his channel Lavapix. They have a selection of videos focusing on how lava flow moves and affects certain objects. Below is a stunning film showing a coke can getting a molten lava overload.

This is how it was done (quote taken from Lavapix YouTube channel)

The first can had a tiny hole punched in the top to prevent it from randomly exploding. I wanted to see if it would fountain as it heated up but, the can just sort of squirted coke.

The second can was sealed but, fell over. The lava caused a leak on the lower side. Footage is first from my Nikon D800 and then my old GoPro Hero 2. I had to pull the GoPro away at the end not from the spraying coke but, due to its proximity to the quick moving lobe of lava. The lava was flowing a bit too cool causing it to be less fluid.

This does explain why the cans are gracefully dragged away rather than the more Hollywood type explosion or utter meltdown you would expect. It is strange that though not much actually happens in the clip with regards to extreme action, it is hard to drag your eyes away from the lava flow, it becomes almost hypnotic.

While watching the clip I had images spring up from a certain movie. And not Dantes Peak or Volcano, but the movie that came to mind was The Blob. The way the lava flowed slowly but almost sinisterly, with the can slowly waiting for its own annihilation is stunning to watch. Unlike The Blob movies this flowing mass does not lunge out and attack people, but the movements of the flow are very similar. You can also see in Bryan Lowry’s video that Ghostbusters 2 living slime has taken its inspiration from the way lava moves. It is amazing how the real world has shaped the style of the fantastical movies that have come out of Hollywood.

Finally we have this video which shows an empty food can absorbed into a lava flow. It is easier to see on this video the way the flow overwhelms everything in its path and the strange graceful way it ebbs down towards the can. These videos truly show the beauty and danger in nature.

If you found this interesting Bryan keeps a blog on his adventures with lava which you may find of interest. You can read it in the safety of your own home, secure in the knowledge you will not have to get as close as he does to natures elements.

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