What Happened To His Face?! Norman Reedus Explains

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Speaking to Geek during a recent meet-up in New York City, Norman Reedus took notice of the rampant fan speculation that instantly surrounded an enigmatic picture of his character Daryl Dixon published by Entertainment Weekly as part of their The Walking Dead season four preview.

Wondered Collider.com, “Is he planning on robbing a train? Does he have an unsightly cold sore? Is the smell of the undead just too much for Daryl Dixon?”

Asked Hypable.com, “Is he covering his mouth to filter the air? Is he covering up a wound on his face? Could he hope that this more daunting look will scare away The Governor?”

Reedus himself told Geek:

“It’s pretty amazing the kind of speculation that started surrounding that photo, like that I had some kind of disfigurement or disease under there — that there’s some reason why my face is covered up. The truth is that it was a photo taken during production and I just wore it in like one shot. But the attention our fans pay to every little detail is just an indication of how passionate they are about the show.”

EW Walking Dead Cover Daryl 600x800 What Happened To His Face?! Norman Reedus Explains

We’ll see what happens when The Walking Dead returns to AMC in a mere 9 weeks, but in the meantime you can rewatch this preview repeatedly until October 13th.

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