What If Pacific Rim Had Been Marketed as a Classic Godzilla Movie?

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If Pacific Rim had been more like a traditional Godzilla movie, would you have gone to see it, America?

I’m still not sure how one of the most thrilling and fun movies of the summer could have lost out to sequel dreck like Grown Ups 2, but let’s never underestimate the general US moviegoing audience. Of course, I’m sure you geeks have impeccable taste and have gone to see Pacific Rim multiple times, probably even in IMAX 3D (the only film I’ve seen that justifies paying the exorbitant upcharge for what is commonly only a slight upgrade).

But what if Pacific Rim had been filmed and promoted as a classic Godzilla movie? Here’s a hint at what it might have looked like…

Would you have seen this movie? Man, I fear for next year’s Godzilla movie if the American moviegoing public can’t get their decision making act together by next summer… God help us all if Grown Ups 3 beats that…

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