What Is Lurking Beneath Seattle? Massive Blockage Stops Construction.

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Seattle is currently enduring a construction project to end all construction projects in which a massive tunnel is being burrowed for a new highway. The hope is to lessen traffic in the city and it's many bridges, but something has stopped progress.

Something large. Perhaps something very large. In what seems like the opening scenes of an episode of Fringe, or X-Files, or even Law and Order (let’s just imagine there’s a dead body down there), the incredibly massive cutting head, lovingly referred to as Bertha, has been stalled by something unknown.

Because Bertha has no reverse function (surely this is now seen as a design flaw), Chris Dixon, project manager with Seattle Tunnel Partners says, “What we’re focusing on now is creating conditions that will allow us to enter the chamber behind the cutter head and see what the situation is.” While the wildly held belief is that the unknown object is likely a huge boulder, there are some who believe that it could be a building or buildings left over from a time when Seattle was built in swamp lands and subsequently buried. Still others think perhaps it was left over from Prohibition-era smuggling routes.

However, there aren’t many occasions in which massive underground entities are unknown for this long (Bertha was stopped the first week of December), so let’s apply a bit of imagination to this. What could be blocking Bertha’s path?

A few ideas:

  • An alien space ship left behind during a failed mission to investigate Earth eons ago.
  • Part of a doomsday machine buried by a man in the future.
  • A pirate ship.
  • Captain Jack Harkness’ ego.
  • Frasier Crane’s receding hairline.
  • The first Space Needle.
  • The Fremont Troll’s long lost cousin.

Whatever it is, if it is unable to be extracted by breaking it up into smaller pieces and progress continuing, an excavation project will get underway, no doubt to the delight of Seattle taxpayers.

So, now that it is still unknown, what do you think the massive beast stopping Bertha is? Let us know down in the comments below!

Nothing really to see here folks. Sadly, it was just a pipe.

And it isn’t even an old pipe! Nope, it was put there in 2002 when a study was done on groundwater for the Alaska Way Viaduct replacement project. Apparently when the Department of Transportation started the Bertha project, they didn’t do much in way of researching their own pipes.

So there you have it, a pipe. Perhaps we can all just forget about this update and still dream of what it could have been.

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