Whedon Muses Dollhouse Crowdfunding Campaign

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Going back on previous statements, Joss Whedon said that he was entertaining the idea of using crowd-sourcing platform Kickstarter to revitalize one of his cancelled shows - but not the one you might think.

“If I were to jump into those waters, Dollhouse is the story to do it with,” Whedon announced. “Frankly, it’s a bit more practical to put together, with cheaper sets and actor availability.”

Whedon, currently working exclusively with Marvel on a follow up to The Avengers and the upcoming television show S.H.I.E.L.D., noted that he’s not sure what will happen in 2015 once his contract is up with Disney. He also stated that the core of actors in Dollhouse are all excited to reprise their roles. Through her agent, Eliza Dushku stated that “Everyone was so sad, [after the show's cancellation], but we were optimistic that we would maybe have a chance to go on.”

The spotlight has been on Whedon since the recent, unprecedented success of the reboot of the cancelled television show, Veronica Mars. Mars, which follows a teenage detective as she navigates high school, will see a theatrical release after creator Rob Thomas raised $2 million for the production through Kickstarter.

“I really want to see where this is going,” Whedon said, referring to Veronica Mars film. “It could be an exciting possibility.”

When asked why Dollhouse was chosen in place of Firefly, Whedon’s beloved space western, he noted that the show would be far more expensive to reboot, and that main cast member Nathan Fillion has been highly successful in his role as Rick Castle in the ABC show Castle. “However,” he noted, “I’m not going to rule out a stretch goal or something. I know Alan and Sean are up for dragging him away from the Castle sets.”

Whedon’s next production, S.H.I.E.L.D., will premiere in Fall 2013.

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