Who Will Be the New Batman? Let’s Break Down the Rumors!

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One announcement at this years San Diego Comic Con stood slightly above the rest, teasing a momentous match-up of the World's Finest with Batman vs. Superman (only the rumored title at this time).

Announced by Zack Snyder, the follow up to Man of Steel, and assumed lead in to Justice League will feature a new leading man under the cowl, and fan speculation began almost immediately. Most rumors that came up were tossed away pretty quick by the studio and actors involved, with the movie still early in development.

The latest series of rumors featured a look at an older cast of actors mixed with some younger names, with the assumption that WB and DC were hoping to cast for an older Bruce Wayne more akin to Frank Miller’s version seen in ‘The Dark Knight Returns’. Some of the names mentioned were Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Joe Manganiello, and Jon Hamm, among a few others.

Josh Brolin Ryan Gosling Joe Manganiello and Jon Hamm as Batman Who Will Be the New Batman? Lets Break Down the Rumors!

Recently it was rumored that screen tests have finally been started by Snyder and crew to find the latest Batman, and some interesting names have been mentioned. One of the rumored tests comes with the recommendation from Christopher Nolan, who certainly pulls a bit of weight when it comes to the Dark Knight, Wes Bentley.

Bentley is currently working on Nolan’s Interstellar, is allegedly Nolan’s pick to take over the role. A few other names who were supposedly asked to screen test are Jake Gyllenhall (who David Goyer wanted for the role in Batman Begins), Luke Evans (who worked with Henry Cavill in Immortals) and Ben Affleck (who was at one time rumored to be directing Justice League).

Wes Bentley Jake Gyllenhaal Luke Evans and Ben Affleck as Batman Who Will Be the New Batman? Lets Break Down the Rumors!

Word is that auditions will begin in September, with an announcement to come in the following months. A fan led drive for Scott Adkins, whose martial arts background, stuntman physicality, and steel jawline certainly match with the character, was rumored to have already led to an audition. However, with the news that auditions haven’t yet happened, Adkins meeting may have been for something else entirely or simply a false report.

The next Batman will face some of the similar hurdles Andrew Garfield must have went through when he took the lead role in The Amazing Spider-Man, another reboot of an already recently established character. This is where the problem lies in casting Batman for another reboot so soon after the trilogy has ended, with Christian Bale still so fresh in our minds. The number of rumored actors we’ve heard mentioned for the role only reinforces the indecision among the fan community, which has to take a toll on Snyder and the producers as well. Good luck, WB.

Batman in The Dark Knight Rises Who Will Be the New Batman? Lets Break Down the Rumors!

What do you think of these rumored names to take on the mantle of the bat? Who do you want under the cowl? Let us know in the comments section below!

UPDATE: Batman has been cast!

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