will.i.am Joins With 3D Systems to Bring 3D Printing to You!

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3D Systems welcomes will.i.am as the Chief Creative Officer to help develop 3D printing for the consumer... That's you.

This year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held no shortage of great tech announcements, not the least of which was an exciting new partnership between tech firm 3D Systems and musician/producer/geek extraordinaire will.i.am. He steps on board the firm as the CCO, responsible for mainstreaming the use of 3D printing technology.

“3D printing lets you get involved, be a part of the creative process and the story of the items you make,” said will.i.am.. “For me it’s a dream come true to work with 3DS, the company that invented 3D printing and launched an entire platform that all other industries depend on. I am so thrilled to begin to fuse my creativity and experience with the technology that is poised to change how we create, make and express ourselves.”

Avi Reichental, president and CEO of 3DS describes will.i.am as “a global tastemaker who embodies the essence of creativity and entrepreneurship, and we are fortunate to have him as our guide on this exciting journey.” 3DS plans to extend its reach into fashion, entertainment and lifestyle brands using will.i.am’s already established industry network of like minded creative people and industries who can further develop the groundbreaking technology of 3D printing.

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