Win Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 4 on Blu-Ray!

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When the wonderful people at Lucasfilm said, "Hey, Geek, you wanna give away some Clone Wars Blu-Rays?" We said, "Sure!" because we knew the world was going to end on December 21st and we'd never have to actually hand them over. We were so confident of this fact, we got them to provide 5 copies for our "lucky" readers. And I've got to be insane to even mention this out loud, but hey, what are you going to do after December 21st - come after me with a double-bladed lightsaber?

All I know is that one of my last acts on this planet before it all goes kablooey will be picking the names of 5 Star Wars fans for Clone Wars season 4 Blu-Ray sets that would be totally sent out to them if the post office still existed on the 22nd. This is just one more great stack of geeky goodies we’ve been able to give away to our lucky fans and followers.

And you would have totally loved this season of the Clone Wars, too. It’s jammed with 22 action-packed episodes, 5 new cast and crew commentaries, and The Jedi Temple Archives, containing test animations, concept art, and extensive deleted/extended scenes!

If you’re one of those Star Wars fans that thinks that the prequel era stories couldn’t possibly good, it’s clear you’ve never seen the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. Supervising Director Dave Filoni and his talented cast and crew of amazing writers and animators have made an enthralling children’s animated series that is fun for adults as well. Each episode pushes the limits of animation technology and more than a few go beyond simple kiddie-fare story-wise. From an all-out assault on the underwater world of Mon Cala to Obi-Wan going undercover to infiltrate a team of bounty hunters to the gripping return of Darth Maul to the Star Wars universe, season 4 has everything a Star Wars fan could ever want! And you don’t have to have seen the previous 3 seasons to appreciate these story arcs, so that’s not an excuse not to enter.

So take some time to fill out the form below and enter the drawing. Share it with your friends and you can earn more chances to win. Assuming the world doesn’t end (yeah, right), Lucasfilm will be sending them out after Christmas directly to the doors of 5 lucky winners. The drawing starts on Monday, December 17th at noon Pacific time and ends at noon, Friday, December 21st in what will surely be a spectacular end to a spectacular world. Watch your email inboxes (and maybe your Spam folder) that day for notifications from Punchtab and If you don’t reply by Christmas, we’ll pick another name to take your place.

Open to residents of the US and Canada only.

star wars clone wars season 4 blu ray Win Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 4 on Blu Ray!

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