Wind Turbines Could Reduce Hurricane Strength

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Hurricanes - along with most weather events - have gotten a lot more aggressive recently, to say the least.

With the threat of severe weather increasing, it’s about time to figure out how to mitigate the weather’s effects. So some scientists decided to find out what would happen if a hurricane hit a wind farm. The results were astounding.

A recent study by Stanford engineer Mark Z. Jacobson revealed that offshore turbine arrays could be the answer to controlling hurricanes. Jacobson, along with Cristina Archer and Willett Kempton of the University of Delaware, created a computer model that simulated the effects of hurricanes coming upon offshore wind farms that stretch for miles upon miles. About 78,000 turbines, states io9. The farms faced three different hurricanes; Isaac, Sandy, and Katrina.

Something that probably wasn’t expected is how well the turbines reacted to the hurricane simulations. The sims showed that the turbines could dismantle a hurricane enough to reduce peak wind speeds by up to 92 miles per hour. Not only that, but the turbines also decreased storm surges by 79 percent. If these turbines existed in real life, they could reduce the power of the hurricanes enough to save many lives and greatly reduce structural city damage. Even better–the turbines would be used to generate electricity and reduce global warming and air pollution.

So why isn’t the government tripping over themselves to get these turbines in place? Politics. It’s always politics. It’s hard to get thousands upon thousands of wind turbines up and running, even when it could save lives, reduce costs and actually provide clean, renewable energy.

Honestly, this idea for using turbines to control the weather should be looked into, since it’s an instance of science being used for good, instead of science being used for things we don’t need, like waking up enormous, frozen viruses┬áthat could potentially kill us.

What do you think about the idea of wind turbines being used to mitigate the power of hurricanes? Let’s discuss in the comments section below, or on the GEEK Facebook page.

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