Witness the first trailers for The Wolverine! (US and Intl)

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Looking a little like Jean Valjean took a detour through Japan (at least in that first few seconds), the new Wolverine trailer is chock full of geeky eye candy for the Wolverine faithful.

We see glimpses of Clan Yashida, Mariko, Silver Samurai, and a whole lot of Yukio. We even get to see Famke Janssen in a little dream sequence cameo as Jean Grey, making it clear that Logan wasn’t too happy with the way X-Men 3 turned out (he wasn’t alone, but for entirely different reasons, I’m sure). And while it first seemed like the blonde doctor woman could have been Husk (albeit an evil Husk as compared to Paige Guthrie the hero from Generation X who can peel her skin away to reveal variations of skin underneath), it appears that’s Viper, a woman who Logan has a lot of history with in the comics. Now all we need is a scene or two to take place in Madripoor and we’re golden!

And it looks like they’re going all Superman 2 in this installment by taking away Wolvie’s powers, his quick healing ability. But you have to know it won’t stay gone for long. Third act = powers back and he lays waste to a whole bunch of Yakuza goons. Bet on it.

Here’s the first US trailer in all its glory (or go to the official Apple Trailers site to see it in HD):

And the International trailer gives us a bit more story, a quick glimpse of the Silver Samurai armor, and… ninjas on dirt bikes on rooftops(?). Just watch it for a very different trailer experience.

Image: 20th Century Fox

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