Witness the “This Is the End” Red Band Trailer Before It’s Too Late!

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I'm sure it's crossed your mind; What would some of Hollywood's finest stars and stoner schlubs be doing when the end of the world came to pass? This is the End appears to definitively answer that question. Seth Rogen's directorial debut, previously titled The End of the World, features himself and a number of his movie-making cohorts taking refuge in a cabin tucked away from the cataclysm that strikes Los Angeles and the rest of the world. Oddly enough, the film isn't about characters they play in the film. They each play themselves, or at least versions of themselves, as survivors of what appears to be the end of the world. How can that not be funny? Of course, we can expect lots of inside jokes and nods to their careers throughout the film, which may get tiresome or confusing if you're not a fan of all of their work, but I'm willing to keep an open mind. Of course, a project like this can't possibly include just the cast in the image above. Expect appearances of Paul Rudd, Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari, Martin Starr, David Krumholtz, Jason Segel, Rhianna, and even Emma Watson. Maybe Hermione will be able to magically save their asses, but I'm sure it might be just as fun to see how outrageously each of these guys get killed off throughout the film as their world falls apart.

Check out the RED BAND TRAILER below, which, if you’re not familiar with the term “red band”, means that it’s uncensored and not for the younguns or those with a penchant for fainting spells upon hearing strongly worded swears. You’ve been warned.*

*Of course, I could have just said that Danny McBride has a majority of the dialogue in this trailer and most would have understood that it meant the same thing.

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