Criminals Beware, Here Comes the Fuzz! Wolf Cop Trailer is Here

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Wolf Cop. Drunk cop at day, Drunk, hairy cop at night. Or so the latest trailer for the soon to be released monster movie would have you believe.

So far we have only had a fun, yet unrevealing teaser trailer about the cop who turned wolf, but the newest trailer is now online and reveals to us so much more.

Geek has covered the antics of Wolf Cop before, when the film started to pop up on various social networking sites. But aside from some perfectly schlocky posters and the above mentioned teaser, we had nothing to get our teeth into. We can happily report that the trailer below gives us a great insight into the tone of the movie, and also a glimpse into the world of Lou Garou, the man the world now calls Wolf Cop!

From the onset the film makes it perfectly clear that Lou is a jerk. Throughout the scenes, even after his transformation it seems he still carries on as a jerk, only a much hairier one! Glimpses at the satanic elements involved in his transformation seem to be what has caused his condition. It will be interesting to see how the plot explains how he manages to keep his humanity while changed, because, for the most part, when people become lycanthropes in movies they normal lose that. It is having this human quality to him that makes it slightly more interesting that he likes ripping criminals up instead of arresting them!

The other thing the film makes very clear is that it is a comedy. The teaser did not have a lot of time to shine in the humor department, but this official trailer makes up for that. If it is not quips about Lou’s drunken state in and out of wolf form, it is hoodlums fainting at the sheer sight of him as a werewolf. Some humor also arises from the fact it seems his new transformation has amped up Lou’s libido, and in wolf form woman can’t stop throwing themselves at him. Aside from The Howling movies and Being Human it is not the kind of shenanigans you normally see werewolves up to.

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The film has its gory elements, with the actual wolf transformation involving some severe skin tearing. The wolf literally rips itself out of him. It felt like watching the horror films of the early ’80s, with movies like Demons and The Company of Wolves having similar transformation styles for their characters. It is great to see these kind of visual effects back in movies again instead of relying on the more commonly used computer effects. The satanic scar makeup on Lou also looks effective. The Wolf Cop makeup looks very well done for a low budget feature and the film certainly embraces the visual effects with the camera all over Wolf Cop.

The Wolf Cop team is certainly ambitious, with an Indiegogo project already set up to try to make an action figure of the lead in the movie, and a T-Shirt for sale too.

wolf cop trailer merchandise 1 Criminals Beware, Here Comes the Fuzz! Wolf Cop Trailer is Here

The film is reminiscent of the original Teen Wolf. It’s almost like Michael. J. Fox’s character Scott Howard grew up to be a cop. Wolf Cop even mimics scenes from the movie that involve gusts of air, in this case Lou sticks his head out of the window like a dog. The movie just feels like a throwback to the ’80s style of filmmaking, and the fact Wolf Cop has his own Wolf Wagon (not the official name I might add) just added to that feeling.

wolf cop trailer merchandise 2 600x483 Criminals Beware, Here Comes the Fuzz! Wolf Cop Trailer is Here

This film looks fun and hopefully on its release on June 6th that feeling will be confirmed.

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