Workaholics Stars Set to Invade Tinsel Town

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Fans of obscene, drug laden humor are in for a treat; Seth Rogen's Point Grey Productions and Scott Rudin have something in store for you.

Originally reported as a Workaholics movie, the feature in question is penned by Anders Holm (produced by Rogen and Rudin) and stars himself along with fellow Workaholics Adam DeVine and Blake Anderson, and will be directed by Workaholics co-creator, co-star, and director Kyle Newachack.

Workaholics fans may be sad to learn that flick will not be related to the show story wise, despite the involvement of the cast and creator. So, what WILL it be? The guys, who have known and worked together for years as the Mail Order Comedy troupe, are still working out the script, which Adam Devine spoke about with SplitSider:

Yeah, we’ve written a script that we’re working on right now. We have Seth Rogen and Scott Rudin helping us produce it with Evan Goldberg, Seth’s writing partner. We’re hoping to take that on in the next few weeks and setting it up and trying to shoot that this next year. So we’re really excited. It’s a big action-comedy. It’s not a Workaholics movie, but it is starring the three of us. So we’re kind of looking at a Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder situation, where they play different characters, but they were in 50 movies together.

Good news for those who can’t wait for a movie to see more comic genius come out of the cubicle jungle, Comedy Central has ordered up a fifth season despite the fact season four won’t air until January. Adam Devine, when speaking with Celebuzz at Comicon, did make a promise that season four might ”go beyond weird and get to a strange level.”

For anyone who has seen the show, things are going to get pretty crazy. For those who have yet to experience the weird and wonderful world of three (four if you count their drug dealing, rape van driving pseudo friend Kyle) drug-addled guys unwilling to let go of their younger years, let’s just say a show that features the trio regularly committing acts of vandalism and debauchery is already way beyond weird in the best kind of way. With the comic foursome working hard on their own show, and Rogen and Rudin working on other projects, it may be as long as a year before we hear more on the upcoming feature, so back to the cubicles for you!

Are you interested in seeing a movie from the Workaholics crew? Does their particular brand of humor work better on the small screen? Let us know in the comments section below!

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