World Premiere of Adele’s James Bond Skyfall Theme

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For each release a new James Bond film, there are certain parts of the project that are anticipated almost as much as the movie itself. The filmmakers announce not only the trailers, but also the car Bond will be driving, the women he will be bedding/battling, and the new theme song that will hopefully set the mood for the next phase of his tumultuous career. Moments ago, the new theme from immensely popular Grammy Award winning chanteuse Adele debuted online.

One listen and you get the impression that you might have slipped back into the 1960s. Adele’s sultry, smoky vocals set the stage for James’s next roll in the deep (I have no idea what that means either). And if you want to get an inkling of what the name Skyfall is all about, the video above spells it out for you. Or, at the very least, it shows you the lyrics as she sings… just for you readin’ types. It’s also perfect for those of you who love start impromptu karaoke with songs you’ve never heard before right there at your work or home computer.

Skyfall stars Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem and arrives in theaters worldwide November 9th.

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