WWE SuperCard: Exclusive Interview with WWE Superstar Xavier Woods

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The WWE is ready to dominate the mobile card battling arena with its newest game, WWE SuperCard. Mobile gamers will get the chance to enter the squared circle and take on their friends with WWE SuperStars, Legends and Divas filled card rosters.

WWE Superstar and resident geek Xavier Woods is already a huge fan. His years of experience playing popular card battling games has granted him the ability to be pretty damn good at this new game. Mr. Woods is not only an experienced professional wrestler, he’s also a very intelligent athlete who’s in the process of obtaining his Ph.D.

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WWE superstar Xavier Woods.

In this exclusive interview with GEEK, Xavier Woods gives us an inside look at his dream card deck for WWE SuperCard, his favorite anime shows and which wrestler he’d be honored to have a dream match with.

GEEK: So I know you’ve heard about the new WWE SuperCard game, correct?

Xavier Woods: Yes, I’m literally playing it right now. 

Now that the game has been announced, which WWE Legends and Superstars would you like to have on your dream card roster?

Well, I’m coming across a lot of Big John Studd cards as I play this game, so I’d probably include him. I’d also include Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Just those two guys so far.

ricky steamboat WWE SuperCard: Exclusive Interview with WWE Superstar Xavier Woods

WWE legend Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

Were there any card battling games you played as a child? Do you still continue to collect and play those same card games? 

Oh, most definitely. So my buddy got me into Magic: The Gathering. I played it for a little while and kinda fell off because at the time, I wasn’t too into card games. but I’d still go to the card shop with my friend and just kinda hang out. I would hang with him and my crew because I was a pretty huge nerd growing up.

So the game that got me started playing card games really hardcore was the Dragon Ball Z card game. I was obsessed with that game and I used to play in tournaments, so I loved it. Eventually, a physical WWE card game out came out as well so I played that. I fell off on playing card games again after that. Recently though, I got into Hearthstone. I love that game! It’s just amazing! One of my friends got me into that.

magic 600x423 WWE SuperCard: Exclusive Interview with WWE Superstar Xavier Woods

Explain the basics behind WWE SuperCard.

Well, now we have WWE SuperCard, which has a lot of good elements from physical trading card games and mobile card games. For example, you can open card packs and find rare and uncommon cards. The game has an Exhibition mode where you essentially just play against other people. If you win, you can randomly select and keep cards from your friends deck. Hopefully, their cards are rare or super rare and add them to your deck. The lower cards that you have can essentially be fed to your more powerful cards, which is a cool RPG aspect. You can level your cards up and make your deck even better.

You take your cards and essentially create a five man team. You choose four WWE Superstars and one Diva. There’s different attributes for each card – Power, Toughness, Speed and Charisma. So the outcome of your matches will be based on those stats. Every match is three rounds. The game might ask you to play a card based on toughness, so hopefully your card toughness is higher than your opponent’s chosen card. You can also have solo matches, tag matches and Divas matches as well. 

The game is really cool because you get to see your cards move around. The cards have WWE Superstars on them who enter the arena, walk down to the ramp and enter the ring. They also perform moves on each other, which is based on whoever’s winning or losing. I think that’s really cool because you get the visual concept, which is something you don’t see a whole lot of in some card games. Some card games usually just have your cards laying face down on the table, but WWE SuperCard lets you play in the setting of an actual wrestling ring. 

Tag Team Action 2 600x800 WWE SuperCard: Exclusive Interview with WWE Superstar Xavier Woods

Being a WWE Superstar and studying to obtain a Ph.D sounds pretty difficult. How do you balance your wrestling career and education?

Um…very carefully (laughs). 

Do you have any other geek obsessions, such as comic books, anime or video games?

Yes to all of those. As far as anime, my favorite show is Yu Yu Hakusho. Somebody just put me on to Hunter x Hunter, which was done by the same people, but it came before Yu Yu Hakusho. So I’m really into that right now. As far as comic books, I’ve got a big Omnibus of the backlogged TMNT comics so I’m trying to get through that. I’m also trying to get through the Mega Man and Sonic comic book right now.

For video games, I play everything. I’ve got every system at home. Everything from the NES up till now. My N64′s still hooked up to my TV and it’s right next to my PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. I travel with my PlayStation Vita, too. So if I have 10 minutes to kill, I’m literally spending them playing any type of video game. I’m still playing WWE SuperCard as I’m talking to you right now. 

YuYu Hakusho Toonami 600x450 WWE SuperCard: Exclusive Interview with WWE Superstar Xavier Woods

If you could wrestle against any past WWE Legend, who would you choose?

That would be 2 Cold Scorpio. He’s the man! He’s like the reason I got into wrestling. You would see guys who had very elaborate characters like him. 2 Cold was the dancing guy. But to me, he was the first guy to bring some realism to that because he would dance and move amazingly in the ring. People are usually like, “Yeah, this guy’s a great wrestler but he can’t wrestle” or “This guy’s a great wrestler, but he’s not too entertaining.” 2 Cold was the first guy I saw who blurred between both those lines quite well.

So he was just awesome to me because of the way he moved around. He did 450′s and he did a moonsault into a legdrop. That move made my head explode. I can’t do a fourth of the things that he could do, so I have failed myself in that perspective (laughs). I’m just terrified of breaking my neck. He’s definitely a huge inspiration and I’d love to have a match with him. 

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The one and only 2 Cold Scorpio.

WWE SuperCard will be available on iOS and Android devices starting August 14, 2014.

Image Credits: WWE, 2K Games, Wizards of the Coast, FUNimation

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