WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

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We never knew we wanted a mobile trading card WWE game so much until we got our hands on WWE SuperCard. The game's varied mix of past wrestling legends and current WWE greats makes for a great card battling experience.

While we sat around playing this game at a furious pace, we stopped for a second and had a thought – “Man! Some of these wrestlers would have had some awesome matches while they were in their primes.” If only we could build a time machine and bring some of favorite wrestlers together for a dream card of epic proportions.

WWE Supercard 760x428 600x337 WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

We’re going to reach into our well of dreams and conjure up 10 fantasy dream matches we wish we could have seen in real life. Thank God these bouts are possible in WWE SuperCard, though…

10. Ultimate Warrior vs. Ryback

5b8985158bb2371648032bfa5e6bc2a2 600x255 WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

Just imagine if two of WWE’s most hyperactive beasts squared off. The Ultimate Warrior in all of his flashy and swift glory vs. the immeasurable power and madness surrounding the always hungry Ryback. These two powerhouses could blow the roof off the place with amazing tests of strength and some epic bouts of face to face trash talking.

We’d imagine both men bouncing off of each other during those familiar shoulder block sequences, then the whole match would devolve into a powerslam fiesta. It would all come down to whose finisher is more lethal – Warrior’s Gorilla Press/Body Splash combo or Ryback’s Meat Hook clothesline/Shell Shock combination.

9. Andre the Giant vs. Big Show

9606972 600x337 WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

This dream match is purely for “we just wanna see two giants crash into each other” entertainment value. Andre the Giant is OG of wrestling’s most popular giants. Paul Wight’s WCW tenure as The Giant and his current run as WWE’s Big Show has provided the template for big man greatness in the squared circle.

We’ve always dreamt up an unbelievable scenario where these two behemoths meet in the ring and shake the building to its core. It wouldn’t be a pretty one, folks. But this is one bout you wouldn’t take your eyes off of. WHICH GIANT SHALL PREVAIL?

8. Eddie Guerrero vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Del Rio vs. Guerrero 600x337 WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See
Well, it sucks to know that Alberto Del Rio has been released from his WWE contract. And it sucks even more to think about what could have been if “Latino Heat” was still alive and wrestling today. On the Lucha Libre front, this is a dream match that we’ve always imagined being pretty great. ADR already had some pretty watchable matches with Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, which is why we think he would have made a great fit for Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie could not only pull off some awesome high-flying maneuvers, but his technical prowess was pretty integral to his arsenal. These two men’s similiar styles would have provided the world with an incredible bout.

7. Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Dean Ambrose 

maxresdefault 600x337 WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

Both these men prefer to break you mentally before pinning you to the mat. Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a methodical ring competitor who spoke softly, but could mangle you with just one DDT. A man very similar in style to Roberts is Dean Ambrose, a man who sometimes speaks at a low volume before he explodes in a fit of madness.

We would have paid good money to see these guys just drop scathing promos on each other for months. We’re pretty sure that this match would be a surprise hit that no one expected to be so good. So who you wit? DDT or Dirty Deeds?

6. Mr. Perfect vs. Dolph Ziggler

perfect ziggler WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

These guys are known for their ability to make the slightest punch look like it killed ‘em. “Mr Perfect” Curt Hennig was an awesome antagonist who you hated to love. He moved at a cheetah’s pace and his Perfect Plex was simply beautiful. A modern day mixture of Hennig and Billy Gunn, Dolph Ziggler is a cocky sumbitch who always performs at the best of his ability.

This dream match scenario would be full of dropkicks, elbow drops, high impact slams and plenty of taunting. These blond-haired competitors are full of grit and they would make great opponents in the ring.

5. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Rob Van Dam

hof steamboat 600x337 WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

Was anyone else shocked at how smooth Ricky Steamboat still was during his 2009 feud with Chris Jericho? “The Dragon” was still pulling off arm drags and dropkicks as if it was still 1989. Ricky was incredibly crisp in the ring and you couldn’t help but feel for him when he was down and out. This man was the ultimate babyface.

RobVanDam1 crop 650x440 600x406 WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

And who could rival his connection with the crowd? R…V…D. Rob Van Dam’s high-flying repertoire and amazing kicks got everyone to love him. Watching these two agile warriors go at it would have been a bran burner. Pitting Ricky’s old-school technical wrestling and top-rope skill set against RVD’s innovative move set and martial arts skills would create a 5-star match (pun fully intended).

4. Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock

Shawn Michaels vs The Rock 600x450 WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

HBK is Mr. WrestleMania, without a doubt. He’s competed on the biggest stage of ‘em all and danced with the greats – Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, John Cena etc. When his music hits, we know we’re in for a match that will amaze us. His amazing speed and tenacity would match up well with the “Brahma Bull” himself The Rock. Dwayne Johnson can still go, but we know in our hearts that Shawn Michaels has opted to retire on a high note.

This saddens us because we may never get to see which move will prove stronger – Sweet Chin Music or The Rock Bottom. A fantasy match of this magnitude would have been perfect for a WrestleMania main event, don’t ya think. Welp, we’ll just have to make sure these two WWE Legends are in our WWE SuperCard deck…

3. “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Chris Jericho 

Macho Man Randy Savage Sensational Sherri WWE WWF Dead Wrestler WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

We got caught up in “Macho Madness” back in the day. As a matter of fact, we still are. Look out into a crowd of wrestling fans these days – men and women, no matter the age, can be seen rocking a T-Shirt honoring the memory of Randy Savage. Another frenzy we have yet to grow out of is the “Y2J” bug. Chris Jericho is a bonafide wrestling technician who’s just as proficient on the mic.

chris jericho beard WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

Could you imagine seeing both of these men square off during their primes? We’re talking late 80′s to early 90′s Savage vs. 2002/2003 bearded heel Jericho. This one would have been fast paced, hard hitting and full of breathtaking near falls. We’re frothing at the mouth at this dream sequence – Jericho misses his Lionsault, Savage hops to the top rope, misses the flying elbow, Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho…dream up the rest of this ending, folks.

2. Ric Flair vs. Daniel Bryan

20130114 RAW HellNo RhodeScholars 2 600x337 WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

Daniel Bryan is a master in-ring technician. We’ve kept a close eye on the guy as he clawed his way through the ranks of Ring of Honor (look it up, brother!) all the way to the WWE. Watching his hold up those championship belts at WrestleMania 30 was a tear jerker moment. His style of wrestling would make a great fit against past Superstars such as Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Shawn Michaels, Dean Malenko etc.

flair 1865886 600x337 WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

You might be surprised to hear this, but we think Bryan vs. Ric Flair in his prime would be amazing if it ever took place. Both men have a knack for going 60 minutes and putting on a wrestling clinic. This dream match would be full of masterful wrestling and it would capture the true essence of what wrestling is and always will be. The Figure 4 Leg Lock or The Yes Lock? We could debate the winner of this one all day…

1. Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena

hulk hogan09 WWE SuperCard: Top 10 Fantasy Matches We Wish We Could See

One man goes by a strict set of rules – “Say your prayers.” Eat your vitamins.” Another man tells the world that’s out to get him one thing – “You want some? COME GET SOME!” Both of these legendary WWE icons have been fan favorites and hated villains during their storied careers. Both men have carried the WWE on their backs. And both men are wrestling’s most popular faces. The immortal Hulk Hogan and WWE’s new golden boy John Cena are two real-life superheroes we’d love to see clash.

These two men represent entire era’s of the WWE, which is why it would be a surreal moment to see them face off in front of a hot crowd. This match certainly wouldn’t be pretty, but the star power of this dream match is worth seeing it happen. WWE SuperCard is ripe for something so grand, but WrestleMania 31 would be a much better venue for it to occur. So what would you place your bet on, people – the unstoppable Big Boot/Leg Drop combo or Cena’s Attitude Adjustment/STF?

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