X-Force vs. Deadpool, The Death of Wolverine and Storm Goes Solo?!

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Big news from C2E2 for some of our favorite X-Men characters.

The Marvel panel at last weekend’s C2E2 revealed some exciting upcoming projects for the comic house, but when it was announced Cable & X-Force and Deadpool are going back to their 90′s origin story roots for a titular epic battle, we at Geek couldn’t resist swooning over it.

Deadpool vs X Force 1 Cover Shane Davis X Force vs. Deadpool, The Death of Wolverine and Storm Goes Solo?!

Taking place before New Mutants #98, this latest arc will pit the “Merc with a mouth” against Cable and his original X-Force team that includes : Domino, Cannonball, Warpath and Boom Boom. Though the X-Force have faced off with Deadpool in prior stories, the four-part mini series will use time travel as an essential element to take readers back to the origins of their first encounter. Which means all you nostalgic X-fans (ourselves obviously included) will get to experience a welcomed blast from the past!

Writer Duane Swierczynski and artist Pepe Larraz promises the mini-series to be an explosive time travel story, as the X-Force team will pursue Deadpool into the 70s, the 30s, the mid 1800s and the late 1700s while giving readers a crash course in our nation’s history. Be sure to look for the new miniseries in July.

Wolvie X Force vs. Deadpool, The Death of Wolverine and Storm Goes Solo?!

Next on the X-Men circuit of news, writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven launch a month-long four-issue limited series called “Death of Wolverine,” hot on the heels of his latest arc, “Three Months To Die”. It looks like the Canucklehead will finally take on his last battle due to his lost healing factor and an overwhelming surplus of foes.

Now we know what you’re thinking. “Wolverine, dead? Psssh, yeah right.” Honestly it’s hard not to feel this way when we’re discussing a character who’s been around for almost 70 years with an adamantium infused skeleton.

Charles Soule on Wolverine’s ‘death’:

“It gets pretty brutal. One of the main ideas to the story is that Wolverine has lost his healing factor, which means he can be injured in serious, dramatic ways. His villains have never really been about pulling their punches, and Logan takes some punishment here. Plus, of course, his primary weapon is a set of claws that stab out from his hands every time he uses them; hands are delicate pieces of machinery, and they can’t stand up to that sort of treatment for long.”

“The Death of Wolverine” hits shelves in September!

Weather X Force vs. Deadpool, The Death of Wolverine and Storm Goes Solo?!

Let the winds rejoice! Another major announcement from C2E2, Marvel’s resident weather witch has finally received her FIRST (She’s had a mini-series, but never a complete run) ongoing series. Writer Greg Pak couldn’t have been more of an ideal choice for the series, being a long-time fan of the weather goddess since childhood. Its this kind of passion that a heroine like Storm deserves at the helm of her creative team.

“We’re going to see Storm cutting loose with all the brass and fierceness that comes from having the power to control every aspect of the Earth’s weather and atmosphere,” Pak says. “And we’re going to delve deep into the experiences and perspective that lead her to make decisions no other X-Man would — to tear through walls that no one else may have even realized are there.” She’s a mutant icon — but also a hero to oppressed people everywhere, especially in the ways it might clash with the objectives of her fellow X-Men.”

Illustrated by Victor Ibanez, the series will see Ororo tackle natural disasters, corrupt government and tether the lines of morality, justice and personal confliction.  Storm’s had a pretty epic run in the comics:being a worshipped goddess, growing up a pick-pocket on the streets of Cairo, becoming a queen of Wakanda and leading the X-Men several times. Her eponymous series is certainly a welcome Storm for X-fans.

What say you Geek Nation? Are we eXcited for the next wave of mutant titles? Sound off in the comment section below.

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