X Marks the Future: Space Shots

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Diamandis reaches for the stars.

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Rock Hounds: Planetary Resources plans to mine such near-earth asteroids as Eros, seen here in a shot from the Spitzer Space Telescope.

In addition to creating the X PRIZE Foundation Peter H. Diamandis has started a number of companies in the space arena, including Zero Gravity Corporation, which ofers corporations, scientists and the general public access to experience  weightlessness in zero gravity through parabolic flights. He has also formed Space  Adventures, which has flown eight civilians  into space to the International Space Station, and Rocket Racing League, devoted to developing a new sport that offers the thrill of Indy car racing and the intrigue of rocket flights. He also founded the International Space University, which offers a space studies program and two accredited masters of space studies degrees at its campus in Strasbourg, France.

Recently, Diamandis announced a new venture even more “out there” than his other space dreams: Along with Eric Anderson, his partner in Space Adventures and Zero G, they announced Planetary Resources, a company dedicated to accelerating the  space frontier and looking for precious resources by mining near-earth asteroids — what Diamandis calls the “low-hanging fruit” of resources in the solar system. The enterprise is backed by Larry Page and Eric Schmidt of Google fame, industrialist Ross  Perot, Jr., and director James Cameron, who’s onboard as an advisor.

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