X-Men: Apocalypse Announced for 2016!

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With X-Men: Days of Future Past quickly becoming one of our most highly anticipated films of 2014, Bryan Singer took to Twitter to announce the next film in the series!

Hitting theaters 2 years after the release of X-Men: DoFP will be the recently announced X-Men: Apocalypse. The next film in Fox’s mutant franchise was announced today by director Bryan Singer on Twitter, which is where a number of DoFP sneak peeks were released. The tweet is below, although it doesn’t give us much to go on:

The film has been confirmed with a release date of May 27, 2016. This puts the film almost exactly two years after X-Men: Days of Future Past is released. We don’t have any word on details of the film or whether or not it relates to DoFP, but with the announcement coming from Bryan Singer we can certainly speculate on that.

En Sabah Nur X Men: Apocalypse Announced for 2016!

For X-Men fans the mere mention of the word Apocalypse elicits a squee of delight and excitement, but for the common movie viewer there might need to be a little explanation. Apocalypse is an eternal mutant known as En Sabah Nur who was born in Egypt during the time of the pharoaohs, and was tasked by the god like Celestials with ushering in the new age of mutantkind, of which he was the first. Following the beliefs of ‘survival of the fittest’, Apocalypse has been a recurring thorn in the X-Men’s side. He has has played a large part in a number of key X-Men storylines and characters, most notably Nathan Summers AKA Cable, who we expect to see in the rumored X-Force film from director Jeff Wadlow.

With only a title announced we can’t even begin to speculate on which comic storyline we might see adapted, but watching the epic villain on the big screen is something X-fans have been hoping to see for a while. A few storylines immediately stand out like Age of ApocalypseFall of the Mutants, or The X-Cutioner’s Song, which would each bring something vastly different to the film version of the X-Men, who we have mainly seen fighting against the government and Magneto.

Other questions raised are of course which team of X-Men will we be seeing take on the First One? The mutants of the past we first saw in First Class and the upcoming Days of Future Past, or the classic lineup from the original trilogy that will also be appearing in Days of Future Past, albeit from different places in the timestream? Will X-Men: Apocalypse introduce us to a new team of X-Men forged from the previous iterations or go with something completely different to move the franchise along?

Apocalypse in the next X Men film X Men: Apocalypse Announced for 2016!

So many questions after a three word announcement on Twitter. As always, we will keep an eye on this developing story. Let us know your thoughts on the announcement in the comments section below!

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