Young Han Solo and Boba Fett Films in the Works at Disney Lucasfilm

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After yesterday's announcement that 2 standalone spinoff films from the Star Wars universe would be created in the next few years, Entertainment Weekly has discovered that they might just focus on a young Han Solo origin story and Boba Fett, the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy. So, yes, Han Solo will be portrayed by someone other than Harrison Ford. It's going to be fine. They did it with Captain Kirk and James Bond (numerous times); they can do it with Han Solo. And, no, it won't be Nathan Fillion, as much as we would love him to take on a space-faring swashbuckler role again. No offense, but he's just too old to play a likely 20something Solo. He can't be the same age that Ford was when the original trilogy was made. It defeats the whole purpose of "young" and "origin story". Maybe he can play Solo's dad. That's not an insult. That actually could be a pretty good role. Expect young Han to be one of the most hotly contested roles in Hollywood in the coming months.

But the big question is whether one of the existing actors who have played the face and voice of the clone-born Boba Fett will play him in the feature film based on his exploits. Daniel Logan is now old enough to play a late teen version of the bounty hunter. Temura Morrison, who played his father, Jango Fett, is also the adult version of all the clones, which Boba is technically one of. This will all depend on how much time the helmet stays on. I imagine that in order for us to have sympathy for the character, we’ll have to see his face occasionally. But who needs sympathy when all we really want to see is Boba Fett kicking ass with his jetpack and flame thrower? Honestly, I hope we see a more nuanced approach to the character, where he might be conflicted about who he’s working for and why he does it (just a tiny bit), but that will require some acting chops. Just as long as he doesn’t turn into a whiny, petulant version of an iconic, beloved character like that other guy with the breathing problem. And like Fillion, Jeremy Bulloch is just too old to play the part. Sorry, traditionalists. Is there an actor with an Australian accent (boy, they really worked themselves into a corner with those voiceover updates to the original trilogy) that is probably in his 20s, handsome, and willing to wear a bucket on his head for most of the movie? Personally, I’m hoping that Ed Begley Jr returns to the role he made famous. I suspect there’s a line already forming somewhere in Hollywood.

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